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Best Man Speech for Greg and Kelly

Given June 18th, 2011. Wedding of Greg Miller and Kelly Fellows. R-Ranch, Dahlonega, GA I’m very honored to be here today. I’m not even sure exactly how to be a best man, but I Googled it and I found out I’m supposed to give a speech. Hello everyone, welcome and for those that don’t know [...]

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The Old Spice Guy’s viral success stats

Stats from the #OldSpice campaign thus far.


  • "Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!"     "That's not enough -- I need a majority." #
  • Hm. You probably shouldn't abbreviate a business email follow-up as f/up. #
  • It’s Friday and I just sold a domain for about 30x what I paid before 8am. Today’s looking good so far. #
  • interesting fact: the hands of abraham lincoln on the memorial spell A-L in sign language. #
  • Servers, computers, lawyers, and 13k twitterers. A small taste of the week so far. Its only Wednesday!? #
  • For every man was secretly against the law in his heart, the captain knew; and it was the heart that mattered. #
  • Overheard: what did the lifeguard say to the hippie? You’re too far out, man! #
  • The ground shakes yet again. I’m guessing 4.6. #
  • Seeing someone you know in line at “small world” is ironic art. #
  • Meant to go to work and ended up at a holiday party! What!? #